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In a very shocking display of animal cruelty, cops in Marietta, Ga., allege that a man has been captured on video brutally abusing his dog before tossing it from a motel’s second-floor balcony.

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Investigators arrested Marcell Sibley and charged him with animal cruelty, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. They claim that Sibley is seen on a surveillance camera (pictured above) at All-Around Suites grabbing his small Yorkshire terrier by the neck, hitting it, and then seconds later coming out of a room with the dog in a crate and tossing the whole thing down to the concrete two stories below.

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“The owner of this dog then went downstairs to the pavement where the dog and the kennel were laying, scooped them both up and then went to the trash can and discarded them both in the dumpster,” Officer David Baldwin of the Marietta Police Department told the Journal-Constitution.

A witness to the horrible act called the cops who arrived to the scene to find the dog barely alive in a dumpster. After allegedly disposing of the animal,which suffered broken bones, Sibley fled the area. But he did not get far; he was arrested at his home in Smyrna. Sibley allegedly confessed to harming the dog because he was upset with it. He later bonded out of jail. Sibley can get up to five years behind bars, if convicted on the animal cruelty charges.

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“I think it takes a sick individual to mistreat a little animal. I don’t care if it’s a dog or cat or whatever,” said resident Don Dugan. “I feel it’s the same difference as if it would be a little child, it’s something that can’t help itself,” he added.

It is unclear if the dog will survive its injuries.

Watch Man Toss Dog From Second-Story Balcony (Warning: Disturbing Video):