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Julia Charlene Merfeld (pictured) faces life in prison, after she got caught on video plotting to have her husband killed by a hitman, because according to her, “it was easier than divorcing him.”  The scheming wife, who didn’t suspect that her wheeling and dealing antics to have her husband snuffed out were being filmed,  erroneously hired an undercover police detective to do the dirty job, according to MLive.

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The video footage, which was filmed last April, was the product of a sting by the Muskegon County, Mich., District Attorney’s office.

On the tape, Merfeld is heard telling the unidentified fake hitman that she would pay him $50,000 for his deed, but it would be parceled out in a series of $9,000 weekly installments in order to not raise any red flags at her banking institution. Merfeld is also heard stating that she would give the hitman $100 to get the ball rolling. During her conversation, Merfeld appears extraordinarily calm and  can even be seen chuckling.

In another bone-chilling move, Merfeld refers to her Batman-stickered smartphone often for convenient “killing appointment times.”  For one fleeting moment, Merfeld appears to have a change of heart about having the Father of her two young children put to sleep, after the hitman tells her that he would pump two bullets in to her husband’s head and that “he’s gonna die.”  But even as she says, “It makes me sad,” she has a slight smile on her face.

Her moment of compassion passes, though, once the fake killer tells her the murder cannot be halted “after today.” And when Merfeld interrupts the hitman to ask “what happens if you get caught?” the hitman assures her he’ll “take the hit” and not give her up as long as she pays him, to which she replies, “absolutely.”

By day two, the logistics of the killing are all finalized: The hit would take place in Merfeld’s home while she is busy at work, the murder would have been made to look like a robbery, and her husband would be shot down in the pantry.

Merfeld gives the hitman directions to her house, a layout of the residence, her husband’s photo, and the down payment of $100.  The plotting pair shake hands, wish each other good luck, and Merfeld exits the vehicle with a smile on her face.

Watch the crazy video of Merfeld plotting to kill her husband here:

All of the conversations between Merfeld and the ‘hitman’ took place in his vehicle and each discussion lasted about 11 minutes.  The video was filmed over a two-day period, April 9th and 10th, as the pair were parked in front of a store.

Who snitched on Merfeld?

Allegedly Merfeld’s co-worker, Carlos Ramos, told MLive she had first tried to hire him as a hitman, offering him the same $50,000 fee for the job. Ramos in turn alerted police who then set up a series of meetings, which led to Merfeld’s eventual arrest.

Ironically, Merfeld’s husband asked the sentencing judge to NOT give his wife any jail time.

But what was the motive for the hit?

According to the D.A.’s office, Merfeld, who has pleaded guilty, wanted to take out her 27-year-old hubby because of a big fat life insurance policy of $400,000 that she would benefit from upon his demise.

Merfeld’s sentencing will take place on July 30.