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Fox News host Bill O’Reilly is no stranger to offending a wide swath of people during his program, “The O’Reilly Factor.” And this time, his latest insult occurred while he was having a conversation with Reverend Jacques DeGraff, claiming that crime in the United States is at high numbers because of young African-American men.

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The conversation took place Monday night, following an earlier discussion with actor LeVar Burton on Monday, whom which O’Reilly curiously refers to as “a good guy.” Continuing his “Race & Crime In America” segment, the host posted the question to Rev. DeGraff if he was wrong in stating, “[o]verwhelmingly, violent crime in this country is generated by young Black men.”

Rev. DeGraff responded that the numbers show that the numbers are about geography and where these young men reside. O’Reilly hit back with a statistic from 2011 that said 91 percent of all Blacks murdered that year were killed by their own people. Rev. DeGraff agreed that the sobering figure was extremely high, but contended that most violent crimes happen within the ethnic groups or social base of the victims.

O’Reilly, to his credit, supported Rev. DeGraff’s exasperation at the lack of coverage by major and minor news outlets on the crime epidemic happening in cities like Chicago, New York, and other major hubs of activity.

After some tense banter over the socioeconomic factors at play with crime and Black Americans, O’Reilly shifted his attention to the George Zimmerman trial.

The host suggested that because the Zimmerman case has dominated the news cycle, it is prompting liberal media and outlets to push the issue of Black-on-Black crime to the wayside. O’Reilly once again injected his opinion that Zimmerman will be acquitted of the murder of Trayvon Martin, and that Blacks will immediately riot in response.

Watch O’Reilly’s interview here:

It isn’t clear what crystal ball O’Reilly is peering in to with his guess that if Zimmerman walks, Black people will collectively destroy the city of Sanford. Of course, it’s easier to take the host’s comments as nothing more than the overreaching bombast he’s become rich and famous for.

However, O’Reilly plays a dangerous game of projecting violence during a time when tensions are high nationwide, especially in the Zimmerman case where nearly all the facts point to the idea that the night watchman clearly acted out of bounds.

Mr. O’Reilly’s schtick is to talk slick and sideways about Blacks and liberals, but this time, his words carry an especially irresponsible tone worthy of an outcry.

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