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Peanut butter? Healthy?


Even though it’s higher in fat, the health benefits of peanut butter enough to convince you to embrace it, and spread its deliciousness on breads, waffles, bagels, toast, crackers, apple slices, celery, carrots…and so many other foods.

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Peanut Butter 101

Did you know that the peanut, otherwise known as Arachis hypogea, is actually a legume, similar to a bean?

The calorie breakdown for peanut butter is:

  • 71% calories from fats
  • 14% calories from carbohydrates
  • 15% calories from protein

As you can see, yes, most of peanut butter’s calories do come from fat. However, most of these fats are monounsaturated, and have been shown to improve the cholesterol profile by lowering “bad” LDL cholesterol. The unsaturated fat content in peanut butter helps reduce the risk of heart disease by 25%.

So what can this healthier-than-you-thought food do for you?

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