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Summer is almost here and, for many, Memorial Day is the start of warm weather, shorts, sun, parties…and lots and lots of delicious food. If you’re headed to a barbecue today, have fun and eat well, but know that you can enjoy yourself and still fit into those shorts and cute summer dresses.

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Here are a few healthy Memorial Day tips:

1. Snack before you go. Why? Because if you show up starving, you’ll overeat. Not only that, but you’ll more than likely choose the higher-calorie and higher-fat foods.

Also, if you force yourself to not eat all day prior to a party, you’ll slow down your metabolism, meaning that you’ll potentially gain more weight as you’re eating those second and third helpings of potato salad and burgers.

2. Look around you. Check out all your food options before you decide what to eat. This will help you make sensible choices, and eat a more balanced meal.

3. Balance out your plate. Choose one serving of lean protein, preferably barbecue chicken of fish. Then choose some healthy grilled vegetables, tomato slices and/or salad. Try to only take a smaller portion of higher-calorie options. Then… enjoy!

4. Rethink your drink. Eat something before you have your first drink, since it’ll help you consume less calories from alcohol, but it’ll help you maintain more control over how much you drink and eat.

5. Stop eating. After that first plate, go enjoy the other great thing about parties…the guests! Enjoy conversations, play games, dance, and make the most of everything the barbecue has to offer.

6. Water. Drink tons of water. If you are going to have a day to eat whatever you want, be careful to not overdue it by having too much soda or sugary drinks. Water will be a the perfect balance you need and especially helpful if you are out in hot weather.

7. Walk. If you are at BBQ, don’t just sit down all day and grub — move around, dance to some music, mingle with friends an family. Sure, it’s a holiday but give your body a little movement.

Be safe and happy Memorial Day!


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