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Looking for a way to lose weight, unveil your six-pack abs and/or reduce your abdominal-waist size? Then you may need to rethink your breakfast.

Here’s one tip: Instead of adding fruit to your cereal, add cereal to your fruit. But how much? And why?

Eating more fruit is a healthy and great tasting way to eat less processed carbs and sugars  (which can be found in many cereals), and to eat more natural carbs and sugars (which can be found in fruit). Also, most fruit contains water and fiber, which assist with satiety (a feeling of fullness).

In addition, fruit has a natural checks and balances system. Translation: The sugar contained in fruit is balanced by its water and fiber content. This natural balance reduces the risk of spikes in insulin.

But which types of fruit should you be focusing on? What are the steps to a better bowl of cereal?

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