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Dr. Gregory Ellison’s (pictured), a 36-year-old assistant professor of theology at Emory University, efforts to engage and enlighten young Black men are noteworthy considering the herculean task ahead of him: Dr. Ellison has launched a new program entitled the “Fearless Dialogues Community Empowerment Tour,” which looks to work with youth leaders in the African-American community and and a team of expert consultants from the areas of education, law, healthcare, science, and technology, and the arts in order to implement strategies to give Black youth and men their voice and render them visible.

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The Grio reported on Dr. Ellison’s program, which kicked off July 20th at the Georgia university. “Fearless Dialogues” features spoken word, live music, and Dr. Ellison reading from his book, “Cut Dead but Still Alive: Caring For African-American Young Men,” a book he said took him seven years to complete.

The book also serves as a backdrop for a group session for the tour, which groups attendees in separate conversations that are related to themes in “Cut Dead.” The book focuses on the actual stories and development of six young men Dr. Ellison mentored during his years as a counselor.

“The crux of my work is serving those who are invisible and giving a voice to the muted,” he told the Grio. Dr. Ellison’s passion is evident, considering he grew up in the Atlanta Public School system. What he witnessed then and what he’s encountered since becoming a professor serves as the spark that keeps him going.

“The aim is to have candid conversations about how we can see, hear, and change the way we interact with young African-American males in our communities,” he says about the tour and his book.

Cut Dead But Sill Alive: Caring For African American Young Men” was released in June. For more information about the “Fearless Dialogues” tour, follow this link.

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