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Orlando Shaw, the Nashville, Tenn., father of 22 children by 14 women, may get his own reality TV show, NewsChannel5 reports.

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“I’ve had a lot of people from Hollywood calling me,” said Shaw. He has already signed a production deal with a Los Angeles agency. Given that the state of Tennessee pays more than $7,000 per month to support Shaw’s children, the show may generate some much-needed income for the 33-year-old dad.

NewsChannel5 first interviewed Shaw last month after a child support hearing. When asked why he had so many children, he said “I was just young and ambitious and I love women. Hey, you can’t knock no man for loving a woman.”

When the news station posted the story, it instantly went viral. YouTube user WTFBrahh uploaded an autotune parodying the single dad, which you can see below:

Since the story broke last month, Shaw wants to make one thing clear: He is not a deadbeat dad. “I’m a devoted father to all of my children,” Shaw said. He added, “Out of all of my children, all of their mothers can find me – or if they can’t find me, I’ll find them.”

However, one of his children appears to be following in his footsteps; his 16-year-0ld daughter is pregnant. He wishes that she wasn’t. “I have babies for her,” Shaw said. “If she wanted a baby, daddy has plenty for us.”

Here is more from NewsChannel5:

Juvenile court Magistrate Scott Rosenberg handled the Shaw case and said the interest in Shaw’s case was not surprising.

“Some of these things were so shocking that people had never heard before and didn’t realize these situations exist,” said Rosenberg.

Many people have wondered why Rosenberg couldn’t just order Shaw to have a vasectomy.

“People have the right to have children and there’s no constitutional limit on the right to procreate,” said Rosenberg.

Shaw could do it himself, but he said that was something he would resist.

“Have you seen the movie War Horse? I’m a war horse and I don’t want to be cut down there and it won’t work the right way no more,” said Shaw.

Well, Shaw may not want to be “cut down there,” but he insists he will have no more children. Let’s hope so.

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