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Marcus Jordan (pictured left), the son of NBA legend Michael Jordan (pictured in Bulls uniform), is in quite a pickle for allegedly tweeting a picture of his penis on Saturday night to his 50,000 plus followers in the Twitterverse, according to Deadspin.

The tweet, once allegedly sent, was quickly deleted, but the image was reportedly sent to Deadspin by a tipster and it rapidly went viral from there.

Unfortunately, Jordan’s son is no stranger to the pitfalls of tweeting X-rated posts. In fact, last May, the 22-year-old reportedly solicited a porn star via Twitter. Still, the most-recent allegations of Marcus snapping a pic of his member is something he vehemently denies:

Marcus Jordan@ORDAINMJ28 Jul

This would be my what, 3rd “accidental” tweet.. #FOH

Marcus Jordan@ORDAINMJ28 Jul

Whoever it was posted it and deleted it.. THEN posted that “mistake” tweet on my page.. Lol Good one.. But #CmonSon that ain’t me.

Marcus Jordan@ORDAINMJ28 Jul

My homies hitting me up talking about some pic that was posted from my account.. I mean really? Y’all think I don’t know how to work this?

Deadspin, though, also reportedly has the since-deleted tweets following the sexually explicit photo, which  apparently came from Marcus himself!

Was Jordan’s account hacked? 

if you believe so, I have an island in the middle of New York City that I’d like to sell you!

See the photo for yourself here.