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A 45-year-old father of 24 children was found dead inside of a building in Detroit, Fox 2 News Detroit reports. His remains were found by his brother.

Deon Taylor’s friends and family say he didn’t have an enemy in the world, making loved ones wonder what lead to his untimely death.

“My father meant the world to me,” said son Dwane Taylor. “There’s not a person in this world that didn’t like my dad. He got along with everybody. That’s why I don’t understand how this could happen.”

“He was a very loving, strong man,” said daughter Deleesha Taylor.

“His children are devastated,” said sister-in-law Ramona Harper. “His grandchildren are devastated, and all I can say is we’re trying to deal with this. It’s hard.”

“I don’t know what’s going to happen now, said sister Jacqueline Taylor. “He had 24 kids.”

The Detroit Police Department are also trying to figure out why Deon ended up dead in a building. His cause of death of unclear at the moment. Officers were seen on the corner of Warren and Colfax looking for evidence. Sources told Fox 2 that Deon was last seen inside of the building around midnight. While it appears that the building is abandoned, people are often seen inside of it; the building is often used as a party spot or night club, sources told Fox 2.

Family and friends said Deon was last seen there preparing to celebrate the success of one of his sons. “Getting the place ready for his son’s graduation party, which his open house was supposed to be this weekend,” Harper said.

When no one had seen and or heard from him, friends and family knew something was wrong. Unfortunately, they were right. “I know deep down in my heart he served his purpose here on earth,” Deleesha Taylor said.

Police are waiting for the medical examiner’s report so they can determine how to proceed with their investigation.

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