NewsOne’s Top 5 takes a quick look at the stories trending on that you are talking about. Prosecutor Says Sandra Bland’s Death Is Being Handled Like A Murder Probe NEWS ROUNDUP: Bill Cosby Reportedly Dropped From New Documentary…AND MORE State’s Request To Ban Release Of Evidence In Freddie Gray Case Denied Donald Trump Commands […]

The parents of Michael Brown appeared at a news conference in tears, demanding justice in the wake of the deadly shooting that took the life of their son. “We need justice for our son,” said Brown’s father, Louis Head, standing beside his wife Lesley McSpadden, who was barely able to stand behind a podium, slumped […]

New York Daily News Exclusive: Two FDNY EMTs say they stopped four NYPD officers from beating a mentally ill patient while he was on a stretcher. The EMTs have reportedly turned the cops in to the authorities. To read a full account of the NYPD beating a mentally disabled man on a stretcher visit the […]

  During a speech about the economy on Wednesday in  Kansas City, Mo., President Barack Obama delivered a few words for all of his haters.

On Friday, Circuit Judge James H. Daniel denied Marissa Alexander’s request for a new Stand Your Ground hearing to seek immunity from prosecution under the law for firing a warning shot. Judge Daniel found the revision in Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law to include warning shots “cannot be applied retroactively” and new evidence presented to the court didn’t meet […]

Two police dispatchers have been suspended for delays in sending officers to separate 911 calls–including one that ended with one woman being shot. The Detroit Free Press reports that Jobrena Hood, 38, called 911 six times early Friday morning trying to prevent an argument at her house from escalating, but the cops didn’t respond until […]

A 7-year-old Tulsa girl was sent home form her elementary school because her dreadlocks were too much of a distraction, Fox 23 News Tulsa reports. Terrance Parker said Deborah Brown Community School officials “hassled” him about Tiana‘s dreadlocks, until he was told his daughter could no longer attend classes. She didn’t look “presentable, Parker said […]

Michael Brown (pictured below) and a group of 24 of his friends and family were looking to enjoy one last bite together at Wild Wing Cafe in North Charleston, S.C., before his cousin moved to Atlanta, but they ended up not being seated because one of the sitting White customers allegedly did not feel comfortable […]

Most adults would freeze with fear if burglars entered their homes while they were there. But not 12-year-old Deion Murdock (pictured) of Port Author, Texas. Murdock was home alone last Tuesday when he heard home invaders inside of his house. He took cover inside of a closet in his mother’s room and called 911. 12News […]

Terrence King (pictured) apparently loves being a fake fireman and paramedic. This past Sunday, the Texas native was cuffed at a hospital in Irving after he claimed to be a paramedic, NBC Dallas/Fort Worth reports. King, who was sporing real gear, was wearing a stolen Denton fireman’s shirt and carrying a stolen portable two-way radio […]

When Chaneya Kelly (pictured with her father, Daryl, and her small daughter) was eight years old, her mother forced her to say that her father molested her. It was October of 1997 and Chaneya was just two months shy of her ninth birthday when she made the claim that sent her father, Daryl Kelly, to […]

“Long hair don’t care. What kind of mess is that? I don’t want my members so focused on what’s on their heads and not IN their heads. I lead a church where our members are struggling financially. I mean really struggling. Yet, a 26 year old mother in my church has a $300 weave on her […]