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Happy 53rd birthday to our President Barack Obama!  This iconic figure of a man has hit yet another milestone, 53 years young.  Our cool-like-dat prez has led quite a life and there have been countless Kodak moments.  NewsOne would like to share some of those warm and fuzzy times in our president’s life with you that have made him a very happy man.

This happy little cutie knew he would one day be the leader of this free world!

A happy young man on a mission, Obama was a young college student at one of the country’s most prestigious learning institutions, Columbia University.  He dreamed BIG and prepared himself educationally to make them happen.

Books make Barack Obama happy.  The president’s love of language and reading has helped him to communicate and shape his sense of the world.

Young love!  Michelle LaVaughn Robinson certainly made Barack happy, The pair met at a law firm, where Michelle was assigned to mentor Barack as a summer associate.  One business lunch resulted into a movie date where the couple went to see Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing,” and in no time, Barack and Michelle only had eyes for each other.

Wedded happiness is the best bliss!  Barack knew he had found his one and only and put a ring on it.  The pair got hitched in October 1992.

Obama as a happy senator on the move, cheesing from ear to ear.

Surrounded by those he cherishes most–wife Michelle (left) and daughters Malia (pictured behind Obama) and Sasha (pictured in Obama’s lap) make the man oh so happy!

Hitting the 2008 presidential campaign trail and seeing the outpouring of love made it all worthwhile and certainly made him happy.

How sweet it is!  The first Black president of the United States, what a monumental and happy moment indeed.

A good car does make our prez a happy man and his is the ultimate of machines on four wheels.  The custom 9-ton, $1.5 million, practically indestructible stretch Caddie is 18 feet long and boasts military-grade armor plating, super thick bullet-proof glass windows, Boeing 757-type weighted doors, a reinforced steel chassis that is impenetrable by bombs or grenades and is equipped with night vision cameras, pump-action shotguns, tear gas cannons and bottles of the president’s blood in case he needs a transfusion.

Barack’s got serious game and playing b-ball makes him too happy for words.

Getting his ice cream on makes Barack one happy camper.

Kids really do put a happy grin on our president’s face.

Working hard at continuing  to lay out his vision and plan for this great nation makes Obama a very happy leader.

Winning the presidency again in 2012 was one of the most incredibly happy moments for both Barack and Michelle.

Growing up in Hawaii, how can Obama not get thrills, chills and happy smiles galore when he bodysurfs?

Hobnobbing with good friends like Oprah makes Obama very happy.

Bo Obama makes our president so happy.  The First Dog has been with the family since 2008 and is cherished beyond words.

Our prez loves shooting the breeze with best buds like Martin Nesbitt, who knows how to keep those presidential happy smiles coming.

Having his First Lady in his arms is all the happy Barack needs!