Malia Obama

Sasha Obama has done quite a lot since she set off to attend college. Here are a few interesting things you might not have known about the youngest Obama girl.

Malia Obama turned 23 on Sunday coinciding with Fourth of July celebrations across the country. 

We had to revisit this collection of photos to reflect on when we had a man of decency in the White House.

Life must suck when you are a grown person who wastes your life behind a computer spreading fake news about a 19-year-old girl who is at Harvard. This is the case for Christopher Blair, who runs a Facebook page called America’s Last Line of Defense. His page, which we will not link to, reportedly began spreading a […]

Malia Obama's rumored British boyfriend Rory Farquharson led an interesting life before he met the former first daughter.

During an interview with David Letterman, Barack Obama reflected on what it was like to send his oldest daughter Malia off to Harvard.

Barack and Michelle Obama's oldest daughter, Malia was reportedly locking lips with a mystery guy at a recent college game at Harvard University.

A conservative site published a fake news story that claimed Malia Obama was among a group arrested for assaulting an elderly White woman.

A spokesman for former President Barack Obama silenced rumors that the Obamas were looking to buy property on Martha's Vineyard.

Malia Obama's Harvard classmates were excited to meet the former first kid, and Barack and Michelle Obama.

The Obamas' eldest daughter lets her hair down before starting at Harvard University.