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From CBS 2 Chicago

We first told you about this story in 2007: A Chicago man alleges Chicago police beat him so severely he needed surgery to repair a fracture in his skull.

But even though a jury recently awarded Curtis Mason Jr. hundreds of thousands of dollars, he says it means nothing to him, because of one thing: “I really feel that the policemen should have been fired.”

On Jan. 13, 2007, Mason and his then-fiancée, Kyley Johnson, were pulled over by police on the South Side. Police said Johnson’s rear license plate light was out. When Le Mignot talked to her in 2007, she said it was clear why she and her boyfriend were stopped.

“The reason why he was pulled over is because he’s African American and I’m white, and there’s some people in this country who don’t like that,” Johnson said in September 2007.

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