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Pamela Smith (pictured below), the woman who claimed that basketball icon Michael Jordan (pictured) had fathered her 17-year-old son, was ordered by a judge to pay him $9,704.13 for reportedly trying to milk the player out of thousands for a child whom she knew was not his, according to TMZ.

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Smith filed a paternity suit back in February of this year demanding she get full custody of their alleged son, insisting that Jordan take a paternity test and dole out child support dollars for knocking her up back in 1995.  The legendary Hall of Famer, though, stood his ground and denied he was the Father of the boy.

But during the case’s discovery process, Jordan’s attorney uncovered the fac, that Smith named her ex as her son’s biological Dad in her divorce filings.

Smith then withdrew her suit one month after filing it with the courts, but there was always a possibility that it could be refiled.

According to Estee Portnoy, a spokeswoman for the wealthy entrepreneur and majority owner of the NBA Charlotte Bobcats, stated then that Smith’s legal move didn’t have a leg to stand on and Jordan would not pay her one red cent.

Now, according to TMZ, on July 19th, a judge reportedly referred to Smith’s filing as bogus and even called her out as a gold digging media hound who hired a publicist before even securing an attorney to represent her.

The judge then ordered Smith to ante up the money so that Jordan’s legal tab would be satisfied.

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