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An HIV-positive Cincinnati woman who pleaded to four counts of unlawful sexual contact with two minors will only serve one year in prison, the Cincinnati Inquirer reports.

Candance Morris (pictured), 32, faced more than 30 years behind bars, when she stood before Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Melba Marsh Monday. The actions that lead up to Morris’s conviction still shock the other moms in the East Price Hill neighborhood with whom she lived and socialized regularly. When the mothers in the neighborhood needed someone to watch their boys, Morris often volunteered.

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But on New Year’s Eve, Morris, a mother herself, slept with two teens of two mothers she knew very well. “We were going to church and she knew that and she blew my phone up (asking) to bring my baby over,” the mother said. It was big mistake.

Morris spent the day smoking marijuana, drinking a half-gallon of of vodka as well as beer and champagne. She ended up getting in bed with two boys, having sex with them at the same time. The sex romp was kept secret until Morris got into a fight with one of the boy’s mothers and shouted–in a profane matter–that she had bedded her son.

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During her sentencing, she expressed regret for her behavior. “I apologize for the pain that I caused and I know my actions were irresponsible,” Morris told the judge, blaming “my bad habits” for the incident. “I would never have done it intentionally.”

Morris could have served 30 years in prison for her actions, but her guilty plea reduced her sentence significantly. She also told the judge that the boys took advantage of her sexually while she was passed out. The teens have been tested for HIV and results have returned negative so far. They are tested every six months and will have to be for some time.

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One of the mother’s said Morris’s actions hurt her dearly. “I cared for her. I cared for her son,” said the mother of one of the 14-year-olds Morris abused. “I feel like she planned and plotted. I feel betrayed.”

Morris will have to register as a child sex offender for 25 years when she is released from prison. She has already given up custody of her child.