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The Obama Joker picture was nothing a few days ago, but now the Obama Joker picture has become the newest Internet craze. The Obama Joker picture was posted in areas of Los Angeles and Atlanta, then exploded when the Obama Joker picture made its way into the blogosphere. Now the Obama Joker picture is yet another point of debate over whether Obama is a socialist, whether the poster is racist, and whether Obama is being fairly or unfairly caricatured. In other words, it’s just like every other caricature of Obama since he took office.

The Obama Joker picture made headlines by making Barack Obama look like Heath Ledger’s insane, psychotic Joker from The Dark Knight. At the bottom of the Obama Joker picture is the word “socialism” making it the umpteenth variation on the “Obama is a socialist” theme, and providing a parody of Obama’s famous “Hope” poster during the campaign.

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