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Detroit EMS technician Joseph Hardman reportedly suffered a heart attack as he was performing CPR on a patient en route to the hospital on Friday, according to the Detroit Free Press.

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While reportedly performing CPR on a patient, Hardman began experiencing a heart attack of his own. And instead of panicking, Hardman reportedly continued to administer the life-saving technique on the heart patient until they arrived at the hospital and then he admitted himself in to the emergency room.

Upon his arrival at the medical facility, Hardman was then examined and rushed in to surgery, where he had to undergo a cardiac procedure.  According to EMS union rep Joe Barney, Hardman “nearly died and had to go to surgery.”

Ironically, Hardman’s patient survived and is reportedly recovering only three beds away from him at the hospital.

According to Barney, Hardman was under a ton of job-related stress because he fears for his job. Eight years ago, there were approximately 304 EMS workers in Detroit, and now, the number has reportedly dropped to a skeleton crew of about 150.

In addition, Barney says that EMS technicians have had their fair share of gripes about working conditions and loss of pay, which is why so many workers have left the field.

Unfortunately, the loss of EMS workers is bad news for the recently bankrupt city of Detroit, which has the highest rate of heart disease with a reported 3,000 of its residents dying each year from it.

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