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A rain storm of $1, $5, $10, and $20 hit a Lewes, Del., marina on Saturday afternoon, stunning spectators.

The total amount dropped?

Somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000, according to WBOC 16.

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An unidentified person who recently passed away reportedly instructed his or her heirs — as part of their last will and testament — to take the bundle of cash and sprinkle it over the marina’s popular Irish Eyes saloon.  The heirs of the deceased also tipped off police in the area so that the masses would not wind up killing one another over the free-for-all act of generosity.

According to published reports, during the money drop, there were no stones unturned in the mad dash for cash: Folks reportedly scrambled and dug through bushes and weeds, while others more reportedly dove in to the canal to grab the loot that had fallen into the water. There were those who opted not to swim but used nets instead to scoop up cash from the bay, with one individual reportedly managing to garner $700 of the money. 

Kara Miele, who is an Irish Eyes employee and who spoke to WBOC 16 said, “Nobody really knew what was happening until it happened,” she said. “And once the commotion of it all [began]…you could see that they were yelling that it was money and then everyone knew it was money. And then the customers ran over and we ran over. Nobody was like fighting with each other for it but everyone was just scrambling trying to grab everything they could.”

Miele managed to snag $170 of the money.

Watch news coverage of the helicopter that made it rain here:

Luckily, there were no reported brawls. There were however two injuries but they were sustained by a couple of boaters who, in their efforts to pluck dollars, managed to hurt themselves.