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From the New York Times:

NAIROBI, Kenya — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton had two messages for Kenya on Wednesday: Trade is good. Impunity from prosecution is bad.

After addressing a major United States-Africa trade conference, Mrs. Clinton shifted her focus to a far touchier subject: Kenya’s volatile politics.

Despite strong pressure from its own citizens and Western donors, the Kenyan government has refused to set up a special tribunal to try the perpetrators of last year’s election-driven bloodshed, which killed more than 1,000 people.

Many people now fear that, as in the past, the Kenyan government will take no action.

“We are waiting, we are disappointed,” Mrs. Clinton told a news conference.

She reminded Kenyans of how the United States played a large role in brokering a peace treaty last year between Kenya’s warring political parties but said that “unfortunately, resolving that crisis has not yet translated into the kind of politic process the Kenyan people deserve.”

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