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Jeffrey Wright, 27 (pictured) and his wife, Alexis Longo, 22 were arrested Tuesday for allegedly assaulting Dunkin Donuts employee, Rajay Hall, after he reportedly botched up a coffee order. According to police, Wright pistol-whipped the man while Longo delivered several blows with her fists. The lunchtime melee was all captured on video, reports NBC Miami.

Police documents state the couple placed their coffee order via the Dunkin Donuts’ drive-through in Lauderhill, Fla. Longo wanted vanilla in her coffee but got caramel instead. So they decided to park and go inside to take the matter up with a manager.

An argument ensued after Wright, Longo and Hall met. A fight soon followed.

When Longo tried to hit Hall, her husband jumped in and all heck broke loose. On the video, Wright and Hall are seen going at it while Longo tries to get in a few swipes of her own. At one point during the attack, Wright, who is a security guard, is seen waving a 9 mm firearm which police say he is permitted to carry as a concealed weapon. The enraged husband is then seen pistol whipping the employee about the head.

According to Lauderhill police Lt. Michael Butkus, witnesses allegedly overheard Longo instruct her husband to pull the trigger on Hall.

Wright, who has a $20,000 bail, was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon; Longo, with a bail of $1,000, faces simple battery.

Watch Dunkin Donuts pistol-whipping attack below:

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