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Lamar Odom (pictured), the NBA player whose life seems to be unraveling due to allegations of crack abuse, is now being accused of using drugs while he played for the Mavericks and Lakers, according to TMZ.

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The 6’10” athlete, who is also married to Khloe Kardashian (pictured below), has reportedly left a trail of ill will among hotels he has frequented in the past. Unidentified sources associated with a Memphis-area Westin Hotel reportedly revealed that in March of last year, Odom, as a Mavericks player, stayed at the property and wreaked havoc in his room.

When Odom reportedly left the suite, hotel employees allegedly discovered major carpet burns that were so extensive they had to be replaced.

The source also reportedly said that hotel employees stumbled upon a white powder-like substance on a desk blotter. There were also claims that the baller’s room reeked of an acrid stench. According to the source, the employees surmised that Odom had used drugs in his hotel room.

Westin’s are typically the hotel of choice for NBA players. As a Laker, Odom allegedly left his trail of destruction at several Westin locations too.

Reportedly, none of Odom’s Mav teammates knew of his alleged drug abuse but many surmised there was something out of sync in his life. According to published reports, they received confirmation that Odom was smoking Oxycontin or cocaine some of time during his stint with the Dallas team, because of his erratic behavior.

Odom was eventually released from the Mavs and paid in full.

Odom, whose marriage to Kardashian is rumored to have hit the skids due to his alleged drug use, is reportedly spiraling out of control.

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