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Samuel Delbert Whitney (pictured), who passed away last month but whose funeral was held this past weekend leaves behind a population of children that could make up a tiny village: 54!  Whitney, who was 87-years-old, had children whose ages ranged from 69 all the way down to 13; he fathered the  youngest when he was 74. according to The Inqusitr.

Whitney was described by three of his daughters as someone who led a devil-may-care life.  He operated a wrecking yard and moonlighted in more than a dozen social clubs throughout Phoenix.

At one point, the man with the golden sperm actually lost count of the number of children he had and told one of his oldest, stepdaughter Lexi Woods (pictured above), she had 41 siblings.

In actuality, though, Lexi says that the number of brothers and sisters her dad created was closer to 53.

Marilyn Whitney (pictured above), another one of Whitney’s daughters told 3TV that her father was really family oriented and described him as being colorful and possessing a “lot of umph.”

Marilyn, Lexi, and Sandra Woods (pictured below) are the three eldest daughters of the Whitney tribe — and all three are 69-years-old.

The women all decided to take on the arduous task of tracking down their siblings so that everyone could gather for their dad’s memorial service.

The women began their search not truly knowing how many children Whitney had actually fathered but were determined to seek them out by any means necessary. They flooded the South Phoenix area with posters containing information about their dad’s memorial service.

Watch news coverage of the sisters efforts here:

The women then sought last-minute help from the media by contacting a Phoenix TV station, 3TV.  The medium aired a segment on the women’s search for their siblings, which generated tons of buzz and helped to bring forward even more children out of the woodwork.

After the TV segment aired, Whitneys began popping up from everywhere, with some even flying in to Phoenix from as far away as Los Angeles.

After the women had exhausted every avenue possible to find their siblings, 54 of them showed up at Whitney’s funeral to celebrate their father’s life.

Many of the siblings had never even met each other.

According to the women, the memorial turned out to be a joyous gathering.