Lil Mo vs. Cynthia


Lil Mo had quite an interesting story. Her biggest battle in life was between her stage presence, Lil Mo, and her real self, Cynthia. She felt that there was a bipolar thing going on inside of her. There was a hood side, a bad side, a mom side, a good side, a singer side and then there was her true self. Cynthia felt as if her “Lil Mo” persona got all the glory while “Cynthia” was the one that got teased and bullied as a child. Cynthia only wanted to go to hair school and live a normal life while Lil Mo wanted to be a star. Cynthia was the one that got 23 stitches in her head from being involved in a violent altercation while Lil Mo got all the glory from her first album dropping. Cynthia then asked the audience, “Who is Lil Mo!?” because she hadn’t been through anything that Cynthia had been through.

After an intense inner battle with her two personalities, Lil Mo revealed the big bomb – that she contemplated killing her other persona. She ended her portion of her monologue with an amazing song that again touched everyone in the room. The other ladies were very impressed with Lil Mo’s portion of the show especially her ability to battle with her two biggest personalities. Mo left the stage to a standing ovation which was the perfect leeway into the second act of the show.

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