Claudette’s Self Worth


Claudette’s monologue was extremely emotional and powerful. She opened up about the night her self worth was taken from her when she was only 14 years old. She discussed the pain she endured when a man took advantage of her and how she tried to fight to save her dignity but lost. She expressed how exhausted she was from fighting to the point that she finally gave up. At that moment, that was when her worth was broken. After that relationship was so bad, she went on to be in another abusive relationship, had a baby as 21, married at 23 and was divorced by 29. Finally, she learned that she deserved better and tried to explain to the audience that no matter how broken down you are or were, you had to keep running. Claudette hoped that her story would touch anyone in the room who experienced something traumatizing and encourage them to keep fighting. Claudette also received a standing ovation as everyone in the room was extremely moved.

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