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NBA player Lamar Odom (pictured) was reportedly arrested Friday morning and charged with a DUI for either drugs or alcohol, according to TMZ.

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Friday morning, Odom was reportedly driving along a freeway in a late-model white Mercedes-Benz in the San Fernando Valley, Calif., area, when he was allegedly spotted by a highway patrol vehicle. A highway patrolman contends that the 6’10” free agent had been driving too slow and his vehicle was traveling in an erratic “serpentine manner.”

A police report states that initially Odom seemed oblivious to the state trooper’s attempts to flag him down as he trailed him and drove past three exits before finally coming to a stop.  During a verbal exchange, the officer reportedly surmised that Odom was intoxicated and the assumption was allegedly proven to be fact once Odom failed several sobriety tests that were given to him.

Upon being taken into custody, Odom reportedly refused to undergo any chemical testing.

Odom has played for the Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, and Dallas Mavericks but returned to the Los Angeles Clippers, which drafted him out of college, last year. The once-star forward, who only reportedly went missing for three days surrounding rumors of an alleged crack binge, was also reportedly not picked up by the Clippers earlier this week because of his drug rumors.

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