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UPDATE: 9/3/2013, 11:00 P.M. ET

If you do not want to know what happened in tonight’s season finale of BET’s The Game, then do not read the end of this article.


Hosea Chanchez, who plays ‘Malik Wright’ on BET’s The Game, has been a fan favorite since the show’s early CW days. And those fans are threatening to walk away from the show en masse if his character is killed in tonight’s season finale.

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In Season 6, Malik has been trying to establish a business empire outside of the football field. But the road to maturity may be the reason for his demise.

While at a San Diego nightclub, Malik sees his former assistant, Tori, with whom he had a sexual relationship, roughed up by her child’s father, gangster rapper, Franko.

Malik rushes to the rescue, bottles are thrown, Franko gets knocked out and revenge is promised.

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Fast-forward to last week’s episode, Malik, sans bodyguards, is walking to his car when he’s suddenly surrounded by Franko and his goons.

The streets don’t forget, is the message the closing scene conveys. And we see in the sneak peek of tonight’s season’s finale, that Malik’s life hangs in the balance — and so does his future on the show.

Watch below:

Chanchez himself knows the frenzy the clip has whipped worried fans into, and tweeted that he’ll be tweeting along for the ride tonight:

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See what fans are saying on Twitter below:

Though the ratings have suffered on the hit series since moving to BET, tonight promises to be Must-See TV.


UPDATE: 9/3/2013, 11:00 P.M. ET

The good news is Malik didn’t die! The bad news is his throwing arm may be permanently damaged, ending his career as quarterback for the San Diego Sabers. With both Jason (Coby Bell) and Malik out next season, who’s going step up and play The Game?

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