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A Montgomery man got the shock of his life while he was driving Tuesday morning and discovered a two year-old roaming the street barefoot, holding a bottle and wearing nothing more than a diaper.

The man immediately pulled over and began capturing the incident on video through his cell phone. He was so upset after the incident that he contacted his local television station WFSA 12 News to share the footage.

On the video — in which he blurred out his face to remain anonymous — he could be heard asking the toddler where his mother and father was. The good samaritan then escorted the child to a neighbor’s house to see if someone could help locate the child’s parents. That’s when he discovered this wasn’t the first time the child had taken a stroll solo. News, Weather

According to the neighbor, whose identity was also blurred out, she herself had spotted the child roaming the streets and attempted to return the two year-old to his house, only to find the person who was supposed to be caring for the kid asleep in bed.

As the man was talking with the neighbor, the child’s mother, Tamarian McCall, soon appeared. “This cannot keep happening,” the neighbor could be heard saying to McCall in the cell phone video.” “He’s out there in the middle of the street. There ain’t nobody out here. He’s in a diaper”

McCall claimed she had stepped out to use a neighbor’s phone when the child walked off. “I’m not a bad parent,” said McCall to WFSA 12 News. “I’m a good parent. I spend my money on my kids. I buy my kids what they need.”

Montgomery police made a visit to McCall’s house and advised her to lock all the doors in her house to keep her three children from wandering off. The police also informed neighbors to hold onto the child and call the police the next time a similar incident arises so officers can take the child into custody.

In response to the overwhelming number of phone calls made by neighbors to the police, McCall now has plans to move away from her block.

Does she realize the problem isn’t her neighbors, but her lack of supervision over her kids? Moving into a different neighborhood won’t keep your kids safe, but it will spare you embarrassment. But how does thatYou can buy your children a spaceship if you want, but th