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NFL Philadelphia Eagles player Riley Cooper (pictured above), who made headlines in June when he used the N-word to denigrate bouncers backstage at country music singer Kenny Chesney‘s concert, reportedly got in to a fist fight with teammate Cary Williams (pictured) on Thursday, reports ESPN.

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According to published reports, both Cooper and Williams were attending a non-contact grill when suddenly there was a nasty exchange of words followed by blows. Since the incident, both players have reportedly refused to discuss in detail the nature of their altercation and have attributed the fisticuffs so far to “nothing,” just two competitive teammates trying for the same football and the situation just got out of hand and escalated.

And while Cooper told reporters that the fight had nothing to do with the Chesney concert incident. an unnamed player told the Philadelphia Inquirer that Williams allegedly told Cooper, “I’m not a n*gga you mess with” repeatedly which points to the June incident.

Either way, the venom between the Cooper and Williams was so fierce that they allegedly had to be separated twice by fellow Eagle Michael Vick.

Watch Cary Williams and Riley Cooper’s fight here:

After wide receiver Cooper’s N-word fiasco in June, he was not only met with the wrath of a few Black Eagles players but he was also forced to apologize to his teammates, pay a fine, and take a leave of absence from the Eagles training camp in order to attend sensitivity training classes.

Watch Cooper use the N-word here:

At the time, Williams was quoted as saying:

“I think there’s no place for that word in anybody’s language,” Williams had told reporters. “It’s still the same meaning, it’s still a harsh word. … I think that’s one thing we have to work on as a community as far as black people and just taking it out of our vocabulary.  It’s tough to get through, and I don’t know him. But I did see the tape and it’s disheartening for a guy to say something like that. I mean you’re angry, but I just feel like it’s several other words or things he could have said. He used something that was just over the top.”

Vick, who is the Eagles star player and now resident peacemaker, stated publicly that he forgave Cooper’s racially biased comments and said that everything was “going back to normal” as far as the team was concerned.