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TRIGGER WARNINGS:  Violence against children; Gun violence; Child abuse


An unidentified individual has posted a horrific image of a young woman holding a gun to a toddler’s head on Facebook. Since the posting, which has reportedly stunned Facebook users, the photo has gone viral, with users looking to identify the woman so they can alert authorities, according to the Daily Mail.

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In the photo, a woman, presumably the mother, is seen smiling while pointing a pistol at a toddler, who appears to be about 2 years old. At press time, the only details that authorities reportedly have is that the photograph could have originated from an Argentinian Facebook account last month.

Originally, the photo was reportedly posted on a number of anti-domestic abuse sites.

To see photo, click here.  TRIGGER WARNINGS:  Violence against children; Gun violence; Child abuse

No Longer Victims, a domestic violence blog on Facebook, is just one of the groups who began sharing the photo, which is being viewed as child abuse, with the hopes of finding the child, and perhaps, the alleged Mother. Victims placed the following caption underneath the sickening photo:

Share – please all over the Internet till we find this child and woman.  Apparently there is no facebook account that it came from so ive no idea as to how we find this little baby but if there is anybody on here or any of the pages that can help us to find this child please please do so.

The blog then added yet another comment regarding the violent depiction:

A baby can be traumatized like anybody that is a victim of abuse – and this is  a form of abuse.

Whether the depicted gun is real or just a toy, the sick intent of the photo and the traumatic effect it could have on the child is what needs to be investigated by authorities.

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