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When married couples have issues with their relationship, many take the traditional route of hashing out their differences under the guidance of a counselor or church pastor. Not Sonya Gore and her husband, Ivan Lewis.

In a very public admission of guilt, Lewis posted a photo of a hand-written note on his page that reads, “I Cheated On My Wife!!! (and she was ugly!!!).”

But Gore told NewsOne that she was the author of the note, not Lewis. In fact, she says she was with him at his computer when he posted the admission on his page.

“I wrote the post out myself,” she said. “Before he posted the post up, he asked me to marry him again on Facebook and I’m like ‘Well, if you want to put that on Facebook then you need to say that you cheated and put that on Facebook.'”

Gore, 40, says she pushed Lewis to post the note to his page because she wanted him to feel the same humiliation she felt as a result of his alleged cheating. The Wilmington, N.C., native said she and Lewis wedded in February of 2010, but claims he began cheating soon after. Ten months into the marriage, Gore says they separated.

Newsone reached out to Lewis for comment but did not get an immediate response. However, his timeline is full of status updates expressing regret and asking for forgiveness. So far 3,096 people have liked the note and it has been shared 216 times as of 12: 45 p.m.

In prior updates leading up to the admission note, messages from random Facebook users have been pretty supportive, though Sonya has been quick to question some of their words, as you can see in a Sept. 22 update below:

And this is the post that prompted Gore (pictured) to ask her hubby to post the note she wrote:

Gore says that she wanted to divorce Lewis and even sought legal advice on the decision but has recently had a change of heart because of his social media overtures. While it is clear in the message threads on Lewis’s updates that he is getting sympathy and support over his public pleas, Gore says her friends think she is silly for taking her marital problems public. She such criticism doesn’t bother her.

When asked what she hopes will come out of the out the attention she and Lewis are attracting, Gore told NewsOne that, essentially, she wants him to go far and beyond to demonstrate his love and affection for her–despite what others say about his public pleas to get her back.

“If he loves me, he loves me,” she said.

As far as Lewis posting that Gore “said I got to get 10,000 before she take me back,” she says he set that mark, not her. But if he does, she said it would influence her decision but, “I’m not making the decision solely on that.”