Kanye West famously quit Twitter — after a slew of infamous rants — and stopped following everyone (except Kim Kardashian). He’s only peeped his head in a few times since then, and tonight, he posted the rant to end all rants directed toward…wait for it…Jimmy Kimmel.

The late night host decided to mock West’s BBC interview with Zane Lowe, during which he called himself a God and claims that Steven Spielberg and George Lucas stole one of his ideas.

See a clip below:

After Kimmel mocked West’s “leather jogging pants” idea, he had two children recreate the interview with hilarious results.

See clip below:

West, true to form, does not take jokes at his expense well, and decided to let loose on Twitter in an unexpected flurry of tweets directed at the “manipulative,” unfunny Kimmel:

Say it with your chest, Kanye.

Kimmel, of course, is enjoying every minute of it. See a few of his responses below:

No word yet on if West will go back into the Twitter shadows after this. But his loud reappearance certainly proved how quiet it’s been without him.

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