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After a year-long battle with cancer, Robin Quivers (pictured), the decades-long sidekick of shock jock Howard Stern, returned on Wednesday to her throne of racist tomfoolery over the Sirius XM airwaves, according to TMZ.

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Quivers finally put the whispers to rest about her 17-month-long leave of absence from her in-studio duties as a radio personality on the popular show.  The 61-year-old admitted last month during the show that she had undergone surgery last year to remove a large mass in her pelvic area and then resorted to chemotherapy to attack a tumor on her bladder. Quivers also revealed that doctors now believe she is cancer-free.

The woman who has stood by Stern’s side since 1981 is not as popular with African-American and Latino audiences, in particular, as she is with Caucasians. Quivers, who is known for  obnoxiously laughing when Stern or his flunky cohorts make racist statements about Blacks, has often been referred to as a “house Negro” and “N-word bitch” by such celebs as actor Jamie Foxx who have been infuriated by her lack of a backbone.  Others have labeled her a “self-hating Black woman,” which she has denied.

During her health scare, the entire cast of cronies on the Howard Stern talk show remained mum about Quivers’ illness. At one point during the ordeal, Stern, whom Quivers said has supported her throughout the illness and even allowed her to continue broadcasting from home, reportedly thought she was a goner.

Upon Quivers’ return to the Sirius XM studios, Stern told his ‘partner-in-crime’ and listeners, “I was very, very depressed over your illness. I wasn’t sure what the outcome was going to be. There was a time I really did think I was going to lose you  permanently. And I’ll tell you what, this is a pretty remarkable day that you  are here triumphant and cured. I never would have predicted this. Honestly.”

Now that Quivers is back in her glass cage, Stern’s listeners can once again relish in the sound of her ear-raking guffaws, which is a show staple, or so it seems.

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