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Things seem to finally be getting better in the Cole household.

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Keyshia recently posted:

“For those who CARE. My mother Frankie’s much better. More mature, Not cursing around DJ, and she weighs more than me. Think she doing sumthin. LoL. I love her like this. She’s such a wonderful, funny, loving, caring grandmother. She’s getting along with my mom Yvonne. Like living a dream.”

After a stint on VH1 ‘Celebrity Rehab,’ Frankie Lons recently found herself back behind bars on drug possession charges. Earlier, she was locked up on a parole violation charge for failing a drug test. “You know I really pray she gets it together for herself,” Cole tweeted of the news. “She has to want change for herself.”

Cole and her mother have had a strained relationship over the years, which they attempted to rectify on the singer’s now defunct reality show ‘The Way It Is.’ The 29-year-old was adopted as a child, and began financially supporting her mother in adulthood. Prior to giving birth to her son, Cole released a public statement explaining her estrangement from her mother and other family members, but the two have since reconciled.

The Importance Of Family

It feels good to have someone to talk to when times are rough, and someone to celebrate life’s biggest moments with.  Having good social relationships is fulfilling, and new research suggests that family can also add years to your lifespan.

According to research, the benefits of having healthy relationships are comparable to that of quitting smoking.  Researchers conducted 148 studies of 308,000 people or various ages and health statuses.  The study found that people were 50 percent more likely to live longer if they had strong social relationships.  The study suggests that people with low levels of social interactions have a lifespan equivalent to alcoholics and obese people.

The following types of relationships are especially helpful to your health. Cherish and nurture your family for your health’s sake.

1. Your family

Family is special because they have most likely seen you at all different points in your life.  They are the friends who can say “who would have thought?”  They remind you of how much you have grown.  Nurture them by staying in touch on a regular basis.  Schedule days to meet up for lunch, or plan family dinners to keep these relationships close over time.

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