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2. A New Family

Newer family members, including a new husband or wife and their family, only know the you that you are today. They have no preconceived notions about you, and that may be a good thing.  What’s even better about this is that they can introduce you to new things and fresh perspectives. 

3. A Spiritual Family

A study from Duke University Medical Center found that people who regularly attended religious services or engaged in activities such as prayer or meditation had a 50 percent lower risk of dying over a 6-year period than others of the same age and health status.

Regularly attending activities and volunteer opportunities through your religious organization is a great way to bond with others.

4. Your Partner’s Family

Your friends are like your family, and that means they should also become a part of your partner’s family to an extent.  Studies show that the more a couple’s friends and family intermingle, the better the chances of the relationship lasting past one year.

5. Your Mom

No matter your inevitable conflicts with your mom, mothers have a strong bond with their children.  If you want to be closer with your mom but keep running into obstacles, consider what you can do to overcome those issues.  If you find it hard to enjoy the time you spend with your mom, stop picking her apart and focus on her good qualities. Don’t take your mother’s criticism personally.  Instead, look at it as a reflection of her own habits and traits.

6. Yourself

When others are in need you are there at the drop of a hat, but when you are in need you forget to take care of yourself.  Become your own friend by getting to know yourself.  Understand what you want, what you don’t want and what makes you happy.  Write down seven simple things that make you happy (walking, reading, or watching movies) and make sure you do at least one thing each day to care for yourself.

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