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Just one year shy of their silver anniversary, Sonya Miller (pictured), the wife of rap mogul, Master P (pictured), are going their separate ways after 24 years of marriage. Sonya has reportedly filed divorce papers and is seeking full custody of their four minor children, not including their adult son, rapper Romeo, according to TMZ.

In the filing, Sonya cites “irreconcilable differences.”

Reportedly, Sonya and Master P, whose real name is Percy Miller, have been estranged for a few years now. Back in 2011, Sonya allegedly tried to seek child support from Master P and a court ordered him to pay her a paltry $271 a month for his four younger children with her.  The fixed amount was based on a monthly income of just $1,387.  At the time of the child support decision, Master P was trying to pull together his financial picture, so the court allowed him to pay the minimum.

Master P, a 43-year-old rapper, clothing manufacturer, investor, producer, actor, phone sex line owner, sports agent management firm operator, toy manufacturer, books and magazine publisher, Foot Locker owner, fast-food chains franchisee, record company executive, film production company magnate–just to name a few of his enterprises–has an estimated net worth of somewhere in the neighborhood of $350 million.

It is evident that Master P has moved on with his life as TMZ reports that a woman he has been dating threw him a surprise birthday bash last April.  The event included a flash mob, which Master P reportedly did not appreciate and stormed off leaving partygoers scratching their heads.