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For most business travelers, the goal is to get the most work done in between meetings, conference calls and business dinners, and If you’ve traveled, you know that task can be near impossible if the hotel isn’t accommodating. Well, no more! Marriott Hotels in conjunction with News One is hosting the Experience What’s Next Now event, which brings together thought leaders in design, technology, travel and culinary arts to showcase the new innovations in travel and technology.

The event will feature panel members, which includes Laz Alonso, Mario Armstrong, Natalia Allen and Omar Wasow.  During the event, the audience will learn about new innovations in travel and lifestyle such as a mobile check-in app that allows Marriott Reward Users to check into the hotel from their phones, as well as give audience members an opportunity to pitch their ideas on how to make business travel easier.

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Laz Alonso

Film and television actor Laz Alonso has starred in several  films such as Stomp The Yard, Miracle At St. Anna and the fourth installment of Fast & Furious among others.  Alonso, who is the travel ambassador for American Airlines, will be offering up his expertise on travel.

Mario Armstrong

Radio and talk-show host Mario Armstrong has made countless appearances on The Today Show, CNN, HLN and NPR’s Morning Edition as a digital lifestyle expert. Armstrong, who focuses on technology and digital lifestyle, heads the Mario Armstrong Media, non-profit program that fuses video games to increase student’s interest in science, technology, and math.

Natalia Allen

Natalia Allen is the CEO and founder of Design Futurist, a company designed to use modern practices to create modern clothes for the modern woman. Allen, who graduated in 2004 from Parson’s New School as Designer Of The Year, started her company that has created  textiles and clothing lines for brands such as Saks, Calvin Klein and Donna Karan.

Omar Wasow

Kenya born educator and the event moderator Omar Wasow is the  assistant professor of politics at Princeton, and his research focuses on race and politics. Prior to joining the department, Wasow, who co-founded was a regular on-air technology analyst and also helped to fund a K-8 charter school in Brooklyn.