Enjoy the rest of the summer and be sure to use these tips when traveling and looking to potentially find love!

In his opening remarks, Biden said he would use the federal government's full power to oppose state-level efforts to restrict autonomy and invade personal medical decisions.

Former President Barack Obama has teamed up with Airbnb to launch a scholarship program for aspiring civic leaders.

Looking for your next road trip destination? We have a few recommendations that will surely get you pumped about planning a future road excursion and some of these must-see locations are rich with Black history and culture.

Garrett Goble is mourned by his labor union.

Things like full lips and afros cause an issue.

Folks traveling over Thanksgiving with any food items and beverages, including turkey and wine, will have to follow several Transportation Security Administration guidelines.

Tyler Perry comes to the aid of Atlanta couple stuck in Mexico.

"I didn't pay $3,350 to eat somebody's leftover groceries when I filled out a menu that consisted of veal, lamb, seafood, chicken, and beef."

Nestled in the heart of Ocho Rios, Moon Palace Jamaica captures the rich and bold spirit of the country through an array of cultural experiences.

Bronx principal Chandell Stone created Destination Teach; a program that promotes education in developing countries around the world.

With scores of direct domestic flights nationwide, your next beach vacation is likely in your backyard–figuratively, of course.