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Former NBA star Stephon Marbury (pictured) has finally paid off the $300,000 he still owed his ex-mistress, Thurayyah Mitchell, the personal chef he had a fling with back in 2006 while married to his present “Basketball Wives” reality show star wife, Latasha (pictured), according to TMZ.

Marbury, whose illicit affair cost him $900,000 in “hush money,” had only given Mitchell $600,000 of the amount he had promised her to keep their relationship under wraps. The miffed mistress claimed that her ex-paramour stopped shelling out the monies back in 2010, so she took him to court.

Marbury, who claimed that his relationship with Mitchell was “consensual,” eventually fired her. But he offered her the nearly $1 million big payoff on the condition that she keep her mouth shut. When Mitchell took the matter to court, she claimed that the relationship with her boss was sexual harassment and that Marbury “made her believe that ‘keeping him happy’ was a requirement of keeping her job.”

Mitchell also had to cook for Latasha and the couple’s three children.

Upon hearing the case, the court arbitrator awarded Mitchell the additional $300,000 stating, that she could have sued the player, or sold her story to a tabloid for much more than what she settled for from Marbury. Not making good on Marbury’s court-enforced agreement could have resulted in his losing all of his assets.

After late fees and interest, the final amount came to a grand total of $341,153.

But this is whole thing was a waste of his money. Marbury has paid $900,000-plus hush money for an affair that everyone knows about; his wife even talked about it on her hit Bravo reality series!