Former NBA star Stephon Marbury (pictured) has finally paid off the $300,000 he still owed his ex-mistress, Thurayyah Mitchell, the personal chef he had a fling with back in 2006 while married to his present “Basketball Wives” reality show star wife, Latasha (pictured), according to TMZ. Marbury, whose illicit affair cost him $900,000 in “hush money,” […]

Former NBA star Stephon Marbury (pictured) took getting served by “The Help” too far. Now he’s having to serve up big bucks for his transgressions. Marbury and his family’s former personal chef, Thurayyah Mitchell, started doing the nasty back in 2006 while he was married to his present wife, Latasha. He then agreed to pay her $900,000 […]

Former NBA all-star Stephon Marbury took to Twitter Tuesday to blast Michael Jordan over the NBA lockout negotiations. Marbury, who has been out of the NBA for two years and now plays in China, publicly predicted earlier in the year that the players would cave. But he was surprised to see a former player like […]

Allen Iverson will sign a two year deal to play Basketball for the Turkish team, Besiktas according to Yahoo Sports. There was previous speculation that Iverson would join Stephon Marbury in China, but Iverson is expected to sign with Beskitas and begin playing there by October 29th. RELATED STORIES Allen Iverson Says He’s “Going Through […]