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Grambling State University is in the spotlight over financial turmoil that has caused the football team to boycott practice, and sparked protests across campus. Today on “NewsOne Now,” Roland Martin replayed an interview he had this morning with Grambling State University president, Dr. Frank Pogue about the conflict, and what it will take to resolve things.

Pogue stated  that Grambling has addressed most of the football team’s concerns, and that the claims being made about the facilities being covered in dirt and debris are “not true.”

“The health department recently visited our campus, toured the weight room and other facilities, and determined there was no health hazard … there was no mold, and no mildew,” Pogue said. He also reminded listeners about cuts in state funding that have affected the entire campus.

Meanwhile, HBCU Gameday is reporting that Grambling’s football players have decided to return to practice this week and play this coming Saturday.

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