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Shadae Scott (pictured), a South Florida model, was arrested on Sunday and charged with one count of domestic battery after she allegedly slashed her boyfriend, Kevin Wiggins, about his head, face and hand after his dog ate her marijuana, according to the Sun Sentinel.

The 26-year-old woman reportedly told Broward County deputies that Wiggins actually kept walking into her knife as they argued about dinner plans. According to Scott, she claims the argument took a nasty turn when she tried to walk out of their apartment and Wiggins kept blocking her. The young woman claims she pulled out the pink pocket knife in order to protect herself, and Wiggins kept walking into it.

Arresting deputy Laughten Hall wrote on the domestic violence report he filed that he saw “small lacerations” on Wiggins body, which included a slash over his left ear as well.

Meanwhile, Wiggins recounted a different story to deputies about the violent altercation. Wiggins stated that he and Scott locked horns after his dog ate her marijuana. He claims his girl booted him out of the apartment they share, but he could not find his personal items claiming that she hid his belongings. When he questioned Scott about his computer’s whereabouts, he claims she went ballistic and began poking at him with her knife.

Scott, who has never been arrested before, got slapped with a $3,500 bond. A judge also ordered her to steer clear of Wiggins by at least 500 feet and mandated that she never possess a pocket knife again.

Wiggins, who was not arrested, could not be reached for comment.

No further information has been provided about the pooch pot-eater.

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