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An unnamed music teacher at the Hazel Harvey Peace Elementary school in Fort Worth, Texas is being accused of being racially biased after allegedly segregating his fifth grade music class last Friday, before telling the black students they were poorly raised, reports CBS 11.

According to parents of the children involved in the incident, the teacher not only reportedly divided his class by race, but then added insult to injury by calling the children, “stupid” during the separation process.

Sandra Lee, whose child is a student in the music class, told CBS 11 that her child recounted exactly what went on in the classroom. According to Lee, as the teacher separated the black students from the white students, he allegedly told the black children, “I know where y’all are from…I can tell neither one of ya’ll get punished at home.”

Lee, who visited the school on Monday to meet with administrators about the alleged incident, was informed that the children in the music class were required to provide a written statement about what took place. The miffed mom finds the incident outrageous and she, along with other parents of the fifth-graders who were subjected to the racial bias, are not sloughing off the matter. “It was racist,” Lee told CBS 11. “Everything that was going on was racist. At that school, at that classroom, with that teacher, it was very racist.”

Apparently, there had been previous complaints about the goings-on in the music class as evidenced by an earlier complaint lodged by an angry parent. According to the parent of another fifth grader at the school, Gloria Popoca, a few students in her daughter’s class approached administrators a few months back, after they watched a movie with profanity and violence in the music class in question.

CBS 11 received an emailed statement from a Hazel Harvey Peace Elementary school spokesperson that read:

“Campus and District leadership have been aware of the allegations since last Friday. Once the facts are known, appropriate action will be taken.”