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Why does momentum seem to be gaining for the decriminalization of marijuana use? As reported earlier on NewsOne, ten of 13 members of the D.C. City Council and Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) have endorsed a plan to make small-time marijuana possession a civil, rather than a criminal, offense. Today on NewsOne Now” with Roland Martin, the host noted that a number of states have decriminalized its use — as of this summer, at least 17 had . Many states have also legalized marijuana usage for medical reasons.

Allen St. Pierre, who is executive director of the pro-legalization group NormL, broke down 5 reasons why “marijuana is moving from the 10% support level, when NormL was founded in 1970, to, according to Gallup last week, 58% support.”

First, said St. Pierre, “Baby Boomers are driving the reform for marijuana because they have a first or second-hand experience with it. They’re in control of the media, business, government, and they’re in favor of reform.”

Second, he cited the economy. “We’re in the sixth or seventh year of a crushing recession, particularly at the local and state level  and there’s no doubt that if you’ve got nursing homes and  bridges falling apart and kids that need education, it is hard to justify arresting and prosecuting incarcerating someone for marijuana.” Find out the remaining reasons in the clip below.

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