The Oakland City Council last year passed the Equity Permit Program; an initiative designed to offer reparations to those affected by the Drug War.

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Nancy Grace (pictured left) invited self-professed pothead and popular rapper 2 Chainz (pictured) on her HLN show Tuesday in an effort to dismantle the argument for the legalization of marijuana. Instead she got a hip-hop-styled lesson in social justice by the rap artist. SEE ALSO: Dr. King Jr.’s Children To Settle Feud Over Bible And Nobel […]

According to a new survey called Marijuana On Main Street,  the legalization of medical marijuana has the support of a surprising group of people. The survey, which was conducted by WebMD/Medscape, has concluded that 69 percent of doctors feel that medical marijuana can help with certain conditions and treatments. Interestingly, only 52 percent of consumers agreed. The […]


Colorado rang in the new year by clearing over $1 million in regulated marijuana sales on the first day dispensaries were open for business, reports Raw Story. Smokers waited in line for hours in freezing weather just to be the first to legally purchase the plant that has been at the center of controversy since […]

Why does momentum seem to be gaining for the decriminalization of marijuana use? As reported earlier on NewsOne, ten of 13 members of the D.C. City Council and Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) have endorsed a plan to make small-time marijuana possession a civil, rather than a criminal, offense. Today on “NewsOne Now” with Roland Martin, the host noted that a number […]