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Only in the mind of birthers would it make sense for a foreign-born white man to suggest that an American-born black president somehow doesn’t belong here.

Apparently that’s reasonable in the mind of Republican Senator Ted Cruz‘s father, Rafael Cruz. As reported, Pastor Rafael Cruz told a North Texas Tea Party gathering in September 2012 that, “We need to send Barack Obama back to Chicago. I’d like to send him back to Kenya.”

Some of us beg to differ. This morning on  ”NewsOne Now,” with Roland Martin, Martin had this to say about Rafael Cruz’s remarks:

“You’ve got a man from Cuba, whose son was born in Canada, saying the black man who is president has to go back to Kenya….Don’t you all find it funny that the black guy – aw, no, he ain’t really American — but Ted Cruz is all of a sudden super-duper American?”

Hear what else Martin had to say in the audio clip below.

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