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Only in the mind of birthers would it make sense for a foreign-born white man to suggest that an American-born black president somehow doesn’t belong here. Apparently that’s reasonable in the mind of Republican Senator Ted Cruz‘s father, Rafael Cruz. As reported, Pastor Rafael Cruz told a North Texas Tea Party gathering in September 2012 that, […]

Roland Martin finds it funny that the Tea Party has not questioned Sen. Ted Cruz’s citizenship, even though the Texas lawmaker, who has an American-born mother, was born in Canada.  Today on “NewsOne Now,” callers weighed in on a double standard when it comes to President Barack Obama’s citizenship. Noted  Martin: I think it is utterly hilarious […]

This just in: The majority of Republicans still don’t believe that President Barack Obama is from ’round these parts. SEE ALSO: Michelle Obama Writes To NewsOne Readers: Thank You For Election Support, Volunteer For Day Of Service!!! In a new nationwide survey of registered voters that examines Americans’ belief in political conspiracy theories, Fairleigh Dickinson […]

A new ad from the Conservative Majority Fund PAC has taught us that the YouTube conspiracy theories that sensible people roll their eyes at today may become the TV ads they curse at tomorrow. SEE ALSO: Less Americans Using Jobless Benefits Refusing to stand idle while all the others have fun with their lies, the […]