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On Thursday, the mega-home improvement retailer Home Depot reportedly tweeted an immensely offensive picture (pictured) on their Twitter account, depicting three bucket drummers — two Black males and a White man dressed in a gorilla costume — sitting between them. The poorly executed promotional attempt was for ESPN’s College Gameday. Unfortunately, the gag failed miserably, raising the ire of many, and now Home Depot has issued a public apology for their racially biased major faux pas, according to NBC News.

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Even though the tweet was promptly deleted by the company, it was retweeted and sent to the NAACP‘s Twitter account by an angry Twitter user.  Home Depot then apologized, referring to the tweet as “dumb”:

In damage control overdrive on the wildly popular social site, the company has repeated the very same one liner apology to each of their followers who complained about the pitiful picture.

The company also claimed to have parted ways with their Twitter account managers, and said they’ve canned the person responsible for the tweet.

A spokesperson for Home Depot told NBC News, “We’re also closely reviewing our social media procedures to determine how this could have happened and how to ensure it never happens again.”

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