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Dave Wilson (pictured) is a Houston electrician by trade who has a rep for crusading against anything pro-gay.  Now the staunch Republican with Tea Party makings, who has won a seat on his city’s Community Board of Trustees, is being accused of employing deceitful tactics to win voters in his predominantly Black district by pretending to be African American on the campaign materials he used, according to KHOU News.

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Wilson defeated board member Bruce Austin who has held the coveted community spot for eons and who also happens to be Black. Wilson reportedly promoted himself by depicting stock photos of Black faces and even faked an endorsement from Black legislator Ron Wilsonwhen the endorsement actually came from his cousin Ron Wilson — because according to Wilson, Austin attacked him for supposedly being a “right-wing hate monger who was an advocate for bringing back chain gangs to clean the highways.”

Consequently, Wilson sent out fliers and direct mailers that read, “Endorsed by Ron Wilson, a retired African-American state legislator.”

The materials reportedly had miniscule print on them that read that Ron Wilson was actually his cousin who lives in Iowa.

Listen to Wilson admit that he used his cousin to pretend he received an endorsement from legislator Ron Wilson here:

In the end, Wilson barely beat the incumbent, winning by a mere 27 votes.

Still, Wilson hasn’t displayed a trickle of remorse for tactics, and even told KHOU, “Every time a politician talks, he’s out there deceiving voters.”


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