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Police in a ritzy Detroit suburb allegedly humiliated Black men by forcing them to sing and dance like chimps and then videoed the antics and shared them with friends and family, according to news blog Motor City Muckraker.

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In one of the videos, Grosse Pointe Park policeman Mike Njam is allegedly overheard urging a mentally ill Black man to “Go ahead, do your song.”  Njam also allegedly texted a picture of a Black man riding in the back of a trailer with the accompanying words, “Got to love the coloreds” (pictured).

In another video, a man is seen making (what appears to be) monkey noises in a police car window.

The majority of the Black subjects were reportedly filmed as police scoured the streets or as suspects sat in the rear seat of their squad cars after being arrested. In some instances, policemen can reportedly be heard ordering their prisoners to sing or “dance like a chimp.”

When presented with the information about the alleged behaviors of some of his law enforcement team, Gross Pointe Parl Capt. David Loch defended Najm, telling a Motor City Muckraker reporter that Najm is in the throes of a nasty divorce. Loch even went as far as to blame Loch’s wife for creating the racist texts.

But after Motor City Muckraker reporters reportedly watched more than a dozen of racially offensive videos sent from officers in Loch’s department, the police captain agreed to open an investigation.

Loch stated, “If you are in possession of something, we will meet with you,” he contended.

The Motor City Muckraker alleges that the videos are in fact the real deal and were sent from the cell phones of actual police department personnel.  The news site will not, however, reveal their source for the videos and texts.

Grosse Pointe remains a sharply defined bastion of White upper- and- middle-class affluence surrounded by the urban degradation of the city of Detroit.  The source reportedly also said that the videos reflect the climate of the Motor City suburb, which for years has been emblematic of the racial divide that cleaves Detroit.   “It’s disgusting,” the source of the messages told the Motor City Muckraker. “It’s part of the culture in Grosse Pointe.”

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